Primary School Exercise Books

Boost Student Pride and Achievement with Personalised Exercise Books

Using a personalised exercise book from KS1 and early level through to KS2 and second level will encourage your students to take pride in their work.

Children, parents, carers and teachers need to know how individual children are progressing, what they are doing well in and where they need further support.

Our exercise books can provide all of these measures as well as encouraging accountability, a sense of ownership and a quality presentation of work.

You can include tailored marking schemes to allow your students to look back on their progression and learning achievements.

What Our Personalised Primary Exercise Books Offer

Complete Personalisation

Explore Our Custom Exercise Book Layouts!

Our Easy to Use, Pre-Designed Exercise Books

We have a wide variety of pre-designed, A4 and A4+ size templates for you to choose. Create yours by accessing out easy to use software, choose what layout you want to order using our easy drag and drop system.

Our customer service department will be happy to schedule you in for an online demonstration and send you over quick start guides to get you started.

Why Choose a Personalised Exercise Book over a Generic Off-the-shelf Book?

Tailored Instruction

Customised exercise books help teachers create lessons that match each student's unique needs. By personalising exercises and activities, teachers can better support different learning styles, preferences, and skill levels.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Customised exercise books in primary schools often come with tools for tracking student progress and performance. Teachers can use this information to spot areas where students might need extra help and change their teaching to fit. This helps make sure every student gets the support they need and learns better.


With personalised exercise books, primary school teachers can make lesson planning easier. They can plan exercises and activities ahead of time that match what they're teaching. This saves time and makes things simpler in the end.

Increased Engagement

With subject-specific workbooks, children in primary school can see exactly what they need to learn and study for each subject or term. This helps them stay interested and excited about learning. Personalised exercise books can also make learning feel less scary, so kids have more fun.

Enhanced Communication

Customised exercise books in primary schools can help teachers, students, and parents talk to each other better. Teachers can use these books to give students specific feedback and advise parents how their child is progressing.

hdc Have The Expertise in Custom Exercise Books

Experience Design Team

With multiple years of experience in designing exercise books, our design team is here to make your vision a reality.

Online Design Service

Our online design service makes it easy for you to create your own exercise book. Features and easy drag and drop process.

In House Print Production

All our personalised exercise books are printing and bound in house giving us complete control over your orders.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service department will answer any of your questions and give you a no-obligation quote.

Primary School Custom Exercise Book FAQs

What Binding Options Are Avaialble?

Can I make the covers and content subject specific?

How many pages can I have?

How can I send you my content?

Buy Maths & Letter Formation Books Online

Our Maths and Letter Formation books are incredibly popular among parents, often prompting them to reach out to us for additional copies. These books provide valuable resources for children to practice essential skills at home, reinforcing what they learn in the classroom.

With clear instructions and engaging activities, parents find them to be effective tools for supporting their child’s learning journey outside of school.

These books are supplied A4 with a full colour cover, 100 pages and 4 wire stitches.



Looking for something a little more bespoke?

As a full-service design and print provider, we can provide you with any type, size, design and quantity you need.

Make a Bespoke Enquiry

You can buy our basic Primary School Exercise Books online today, but if you're looking for something bespoke, get in touch and we'll create something just for you. A full range of custom options are available with our in-house design team at your disposal.

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