Secondary School Student Planners

Enhance Academic Success with Personalised Student Planners

Personalised student planners are designed to enhance organisation, boost productivity, and improve academic performance. By customising planners, students can align their specific needs with effective planning strategies. These personalised tools foster better time management, goal setting, and task prioritisation, ultimately leading to improved academic outcomes.

Customised planners cater to individual learning styles and preferences, accommodating diverse study habits and schedules. They empower students to take ownership of their learning process by providing a structured framework that resonates with their unique needs.

Personalised planners contribute significantly to a positive and successful learning experience. They promote accountability, self-discipline, and consistency, essential elements for academic achievement. By integrating personalised planners into their routine, students develop vital organisational skills that translate into tangible academic progress.

Our Secondary Student Planner Range

Classic Secondary Student Planner

Our timeless classic student planner features full-color pages designed to accommodate all year groups and key stages. The fresh design offers a more contemporary and spacious feel, available in both A5 and A6 sizes.

Customise the front section of the planner with essential bespoke school details, including target setting, progress monitoring, subject-specific information, and other resources to help students stay focused and parents updated.

Classic Planner Binding Options

Robust binding is essential for student planners, our default binding is metal spiral with coil lock however we can also offer plastic coil. All classic orders come complete with polypropylene protective covers.   

Classic Student Planner Features

Included in each Classic Student Planner

Our classic student planners are designed and preprinted in advance which is why you are unable to customised any of the full colour main section.  Included In the unit price of the classic planner is:

Full colour personalised front cover this allows you to add your school crest, name and utilise brand colours. 16 bespoke pages which allows you to add any personalised content such as holiday dates, staff lists, school maps and school rules.

Moving onto the full colour section of the planner it includes a fully dated academic planner with forward planning, attendance records and exam schedule.  There is a health & wellbeing section which includes a nutritional guide and mind maps as well as a quick subject refence guide.

Secondary Student Planner

Full Colour

Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Custom Pages

16 Personalised
School Pages

Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Timetable

Personal Timetable & Attendance Record

Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Exam Schedule


Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Forward Planning


Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Mind Maps


Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - English Grammar

English Grammar &

Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Maths

Maths Facts &
Periodic Table

Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Maps

UK, Europe &
World Map

Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Modern Languages


Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Health & Wellbeing

Health &

Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Diet

Guide for a Well Balanced Diet & Advice on Bullying

Secondary Student Planner Reference Section - Online Safety

10 Tips for
Online Safety

Customised Secondary Student Planner

Our fully customised planner solution allows you to personalise not only the full colour cover and select front pages but also grants you complete authority over the layout and content of your planners. With a tailored layout, you dictate what arrangement suits your students best, whether it's a week-to-view or a week-to-a-page format; the design possibilities are limitless. Our design team are happy to  collaborate with you to customise the planners to meet the specific needs of your students, crafting a unique design just for you.  Available in A5, B5, A4 & A6.

Keep both students and parents engaged by incorporating important dates or events throughout the planner. At no additional cost, you can have different editions for each academic year or key stage, ensuring that your planners are precisely tailored to each group's requirements. 

Customised Planner Binding Options

Robust binding is essential for student planners, our default binding is metal spiral with coil lock however we can also offer plastic coil, all spiral options come complete with polypropylene protective covers. Wire stitched with square back finish is also available on our customised planner.

Why Choose a Customised Student Planner Over Others?


Tailored to the school and students specific needs


Flexible in layout and content


A planner that reflects the schools personal learning style and students interests


A customised option integrates a wide range of tools and sections

Customised Student Planner Features

Accessories for Classic and Customised Planners

Enhance your planners with some optional extras such as plastic wallets, red, amber, green cards, page markers.  Add some tinted stock If you have some important sections or content you want to highlight or use as divider pages.

Student Planner Benefits for your Students

Organisation and Time Management

Student planners help students effectively manage their time by allowing them to record and prioritise tasks, assignments, deadlines, and commitments. By breaking down larger projects into smaller, manageable tasks, students can better allocate their time and avoid last-minute cramming or missed deadlines.

Limiting Screen Time

In an age where digital devices are ubiquitous, student planners offer a welcome break from screens. Using a physical planner allows students to disconnect from technology, reducing screen time and potential distractions while promoting focus and concentration on academic tasks.

Enhanced Memory Retention

Research suggests that the act of writing by hand aids in memory retention and comprehension. When students physically write down information in their planners, they are more likely to remember it compared to typing it into a digital device. This can be especially beneficial when it comes to recalling important dates, deadlines, and concepts.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

The sense of control and structure provided by student planners can help reduce stress and anxiety levels among students. By having a clear overview of their tasks and deadlines, students can alleviate feelings of overwhelm and panic, leading to a more positive and productive mindset.

Enhanced Accountability

Writing down tasks and goals in a planner holds students more accountable for their academic responsibilities. When tasks are written down and visible, students are more likely to follow through and complete them, leading to a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Student Planner Benefits for your School

Value for

Competitive pricing, no hidden costs, no upfront invoicing.


Add school rules, absence pages, health & safety polices.

Promote Corporate Identity

Design your front cover to match your school website.

Home-School Communication

Signatures section allows parents to keep track and sign off homework.


We do not permit outside organisations to advertise in any of our student planners.

Full Colour or Tinted Stock Pages

Print full colour or divide your personalised pages into sections using tinted coloured stock.


All planners are metal coil locked and will last the full year.

Classic and Customised Planner FAQs

Can I add full colour pages to my planners?

Can I have a different cover and personalised edition for each year group of key state?

Can I make any design changes to the classic planner

Do you charge delivery?

Do you have a design department?

Will I see a proof before it goes to print?

Is it easy to switch from my current supplier?

Academic Student Planner

For the first time ever we have our classic planner available to purchase online.

This is our full colour classic student planner as described above but without personalisation.

Choose from a choice of four colours, pop it in your basket and order.

If you are looking to order more than 20 planners please contact us for a quotation.

The Academic Planner comes complete with a choice of full colour covers, full colour dated academic planner the same design as the classic planner which includes all the refence pages and a whiteboard back cover, metal spiral bound with protective polypropylene covers.



Looking for something a little more bespoke?

As a full-service design and print provider, we can provide you with any type, size, design and quantity you need.

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You can buy our basic Secondary School Student Planners online today, but if you're looking for something bespoke, get in touch and we'll create something just for you. A full range of custom options are available with our in-house design team at your disposal.

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