Primary School Student Planners

An Ideal Preparation Tool for the Step Into Secondary School

The primary student planner has been designed specifically for students in their primary years. Students who are new to time management often find planning their schoolwork overwhelming.

Using a primary school planner help students, develop healthy habits, track homework and learn how to manage their time in preparation for high school.

Parents also find that it enhances communication between home and school allowing them to monitor and sign off any comments from the school and vice versa.

Our Primary Student Planner Range

Primary Student Planner

The primary student planner is bright and colourful and features the four seasons in its design, it has French German, Spanish, Italian, Welsh and Gaelic.  It has a week to view layout with an environmental factor of the week and word of the week for a but of trivia for the students.

 It comes with a full colour personalised front cover, 10 personalised pages with the option to add more. The robust tamper proof spiral binding with coil lock ensures long-lasting use. 

Primary Planner Binding Options

Robust binding is essential for primary planners as these are used daily and kept in school bags, our default binding in metal spiral bound with an end lock so you are unable to open and unravel the wire.   We can offer plastic spiral or wiro binding if you prefer.  All come complete with polypropylene protective covers.

Primary Student Planner Features

Classic Primary Planner

Primary Planner Full Colour Reference Pages

The following pages are included in the price of the primary planner, these have been specifically researched and designed to aid students in primary school and are always on hand in their planner to save them reaching for a device.

Internet Safety


Reading Record



100 Square


Key Maths


Telling the

English Grammar

Writing Genres &
English Grammar


Map of Europe &
The World

Health & Wellbeing

Health &

Customised Primary Student Planner

The primary customised planner allows you to design the pages of the planner exactly how you want them.  If your looking for a simple dated reading record or a week on one page and notes or books you have read on the other then this is the option for you.  Included in the price is a full colour personalised cover 140 black and white personalised pages. You have the option of A6, A5, B5 or A4 size. 

Customised Primary Planner Binding Options

Metal spiral bound with coil lock or plastic spiral.  We can also wire stitch them if this is what you prefer.

Why Choose a Customised Student Planner Over Others?


Tailored to the school and students specific needs


Flexible in layout and content


A planner that reflects the schools personal learning style and students interests


A customised option integrates a wide range of tools and sections

Customised Student Planner Features

Customised Primary Planner

Accessories for Primary and Customised Planners

Enhance your planners with some optional extras such as plastic wallets, red, amber, green cards, page markers.  Add some tinted stock If you have some important sections or content you want to highlight or use as divider pages.

Primary Student Planner Benefits for your Students

Organisation and Planning

Student planners help develop critical organisational and time-management skills. They encourage students to plan homework, projects, and study schedules, fostering independent learning.

Goal Setting and Reflection

The primary planners include sections for setting personal learning targets and reflecting on progress, aligning with the CfE's emphasis on personalisation and the National Curriculum's focus on continuous assessment.


Planners facilitate communication between teachers, students, and parents, supporting the holistic development emphasised by both curricula. They provide a platform for feedback and progress updates.


This is a school value of many schools we work with and using a planner encourages students to take charge of their homework and activities. Checking their planner regularly helps students follow through on commitments.

Memory Aid

Writing down tasks and seeing them in a planner aids memory retention helping students remember their responsibilities.

Primary Student Planner Benefits for your School

Value for

Competitive pricing, no hidden costs, no upfront invoicing.

Home-School Communication

Signatures section allows parents to keep track and sign off homework.


Providing planners to all students ensures a uniformed approach to homework tracking.


Schools can use planners to collect data on completion dates and student participation.

Primary and Customised Planner FAQs

Can I add full colour pages to my planners?

Can I have a different cover and personalised edition for each year group of key state?

Can I make any design changes to the classic planner

Do you charge delivery?

Do you have a design department?

Will I see a proof before it goes to print?

Is it easy to switch from my current supplier?

My Diary Student Planner

You can now purchase individual copies of my diary on our website.

It features a “Colour me in” front cover, allowing your child or students to personalise it themselves.

The diary includes a vibrant full-colour primary planner main section filled with fun facts and useful environmental information, as well as a full-colour reference section specific to primary schools.



Looking for something a little more bespoke?

As a full-service design and print provider, we can provide you with any type, size, design and quantity you need.

Make a Bespoke Enquiry

You can buy our basic Primary School Student Planners online today, but if you're looking for something bespoke, get in touch and we'll create something just for you. A full range of custom options are available with our in-house design team at your disposal.

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