Multi-Academy Trust Printing

Enhance Learning with Personalised Printed Products for Multi Academy Trusts

At hdc we specialise in creating customised printed materials tailored to the unique needs of Multi Academy Trusts and their schools.

If you order from hdc centrally as a trust or through individual academies, all of your schools can benefit from pricing tailored to your MAT.

Each school in the trust will enjoy our fully customised design service and receive a specific pricing structure.

Get all your staff planners, student planners, and exercise books from one source, ensuring consistent design and branding across all your schools.

There is also many social value benefits by ordering centrally as a trust. For schools or MATs that spend in excess of £50,000 per annum with HDC, we pledge to allocate 1% of their total spending towards funding a local community project aimed at enhancing social wellbeing in the area.

Why MATs Trust hdc


We understand the diverse requirements of MATs and can customise our products to align with each school's branding, curriculum, and specific needs.

Consistent Branding
Across Trust Schools

MATs can maintain a unified brand identity across all member schools by customising student planners, teacher planners and exercise books with the trust's logo and colours.

Student Experience

Personalised student planners and exercise books can enhance the learning experience by including school-specific information, timetables, and relevant resources.

Efficient Procurement

MATs benefit from streamlined procurement processes by sourcing all their personalised printed products from a single trusted supplier.

Bespoke Printed Products for MATs

Student Planner

Personalised Student Planners

Customisable planners designed to meet the unique requirements of each school within the MAT, featuring bespoke covers, sections, and inserts.

Exercise Book

Custom Exercise Books

Tailored exercise books with personalised covers, ruling options, and subject-specific designs to support the curriculum.


Branded Stationery and Resources

We offer a range of branded stationery items, including notebooks, folders, diaries, and educational resources, all personalised to reflect the MAT's identity.

We Offer Multi-Academy Trusts...


MATs can benefit from competitive pricing and bulk discounts, optimising budget allocation across multiple schools.


Simplify procurement and distribution processes by managing all personalised product orders centrally through our efficient ordering system.

Student Engagement

Personalised products contribute to improved student engagement, organisation, and pride in their school identity.

Support for
School Improvement

By investing in high-quality personalised products, MATs demonstrate a commitment to educational excellence and school improvement initiatives.

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