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Enhance Student Engagement With Our Personalised Exercise Books

Personalised exercise books offer numerous benefits to students, primarily through customisation and increased engagement. By allowing teachers or heads of departments to tailor the exercise books the subjects specific needs.  These books provide an opportunity to choose formats, layouts, and subject specific content  This sense of ownership fosters greater engagement and motivation and students are more likely to use and benefit from them,  enhancing their willingness to participate and learn.

We can bind up to 200 pages in our exercise books with increases the ability to track progress over time which is highly motivating, students, parents and teachers can see their improvements and identify areas for further development. This ongoing assessment fosters self-reflection, encouraging students to set goals and develop strategies for improvement, thereby enhancing metacognitive and self-regulation skills.

Engaging with materials with subject specific content can improve memory and retention, as students are more likely to remember and understand information that is tailored for them.  These benefits contribute to a positive learning environment, where students feel valued, supported, and connected to the educational process.

What Our Personalised Exercise Books Offer

Complete Personalisation

Personalised Subject Specific Exercise Books

Secondary Exercise Book

A Range of Exercise Books for Secondary Schools

Our personalised exercise books can be tailored to specific subjects and include course content for the entire term or cycle. They can be used as Knowledge organisers or even quizzing books. They offer a convenient way to keep all necessary materials in one place, enhancing organisation and learning efficiency. These exercise books can be ordered annually, termly, or per cycle, providing flexibility to suit your school’s scheduling needs.

Secondary Exercise Book

Exercise Book

Secondary Exercise Book English Lit.

English Lit.

Secondary Exercise Book Science


Secondary Exercise Homework Book


Why Choose a Personalised Exercise Book over a Generic Off-the-shelf Book?

Tailored Instruction

Personalised exercise books allow teachers to tailor instructions to meet the specific needs of each student. By customising exercises and activities, teachers can address individual learning styles, preferences, and skill levels more effectively.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Personalised exercise books often include features for tracking student progress and performance. Teachers can use this data to identify areas where students may be struggling and adjust their instruction accordingly. This data-driven approach can lead to more targeted interventions and improved learning outcomes.


With personalised exercise books, teachers can streamline lesson planning and preparation. Instead of creating generic materials for the whole class, they can customise exercises and activities in advance to align with specific learning objectives. This can save time and effort in the long run.

Increased Engagement

With a subject specific workbook students know what they have to learn and revise for that subject/term making them more likely to be engaged and motivated. Personalised exercise books can help students feel less overwhelmed making learning more enjoyable. Teachers can use these materials to guide instructions and facilitate a productive lesson.

Enhanced Communication

Personalised exercise books can facilitate communication between teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can use these materials to provide targeted feedback to students and keep parents informed about their child's progress and areas for improvement.

hdc Have The Expertise in Custom Exercise Books

Experience Design Team

With multiple years of experience in designing exercise books, our design team is here to make your vision a reality.

Online Design Service

Our online design service makes it easy for you to create your own exercise book. Features and easy drag and drop process.

In House Print Production

All our personalised exercise books are printing and bound in house giving us complete control over your orders.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service department will answer any of your questions and give you a no-obligation quote.

4 Key Benefits of Choosing HDC Exercise Books

Customisable Content

Our exercise books can be personalised to match specific subjects and include tailored course content, ensuring students have all the materials they need for their classes in one convenient place.


You can order any of our exercise books annually, termly, or per cycle, providing the flexibility and support to align your printing needs with your school's schedule and curriculum changes.

High-Quality Materials

We use durable, high-quality materials to produce our exercise books, ensuring they withstand daily use throughout the school year and help students keep everything in the one place.

Eco-Friendly Options

HDC is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly materials and printing processes, allowing schools to reduce their environmental impact while still receiving high quality products.

Ready to Start the Conversation?

As a full-service design and print provider, we can provide you with any type, size, design and quantity you need.

Secondary School Custom Exercise Book FAQs

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