Helping teachers co-ordinate and plan their workload

Teacher Planners

Our staff planners have been developed to assist teachers coordinate and plan their workload. We have a variety of different teacher planner options for you, ranging from our classic 7 period day layout to a fully personalised publication to suit your specific needs. You can choose to incorporate a personalised section in all staff planners, detailing all the necessary information pertinent to your school.


hdc has listened to customer feedback and as a result, our teacher planners offer more flexibility than ever before. You have the opportunity to build the perfect teacher planner for your school.

Fully Customised Cover

All of our teacher planners come with a fully custom bespoke cover created by our designers.

Optional Sections

You have the option to add any of our optional extra pages at no extra charge and a number of accessories.

Classic Teacher Planners

Our A4 Classic 7PD Teacher Planner comes with 256 full colour pages and comes with 4D-ring robust binder. You also have the option for either A5 or B5 size and the number of periods that you would like. However please note that these changes mean your planner will be printed in black and white.



  • Personal timetable pages
  • Forward planning section
  • Fully dated academic year
  • Lesson details for up to 7 periods per day
  • Issuing/Collecting homework reminder
  • Behaviour issues log
  • Registration/Form Time notes
  • Lunchtime activities


  • Full colour cover
  • Printed full colour
  • A4 4D-ring robust binder, plastic spiral or loose leaf binding
  • Ability to add your own custom bespoke pages
  • Optional extras available

Customised Teacher Planners

Each school has a different approach to planning and organising, with our customised planners you only pay for the pages you need and can decide exactly what goes in your teacher planner from how many periods per day to what type of binding suits your school.


  • Customisable Design
  • Dated or undated main section
  • Include important school information
  • Pre-populate important dates and events throughout
  • Available in your choice of size


  • Full colour cover
  • Print pages in Black and White or Full Colour
  • Complete control of your design
  • Display week number
  • Ring robust binder, plastic spiral or loose leaf binding
  • Optional extras available

Optional Extras

We have optional extra pages and accessories that you are also welcome to include in any teacher planner.

Plastic Wallets

We can bind a plastic wallet into your planner to provide your teachers with additional storage space.

Page Markers

Page markers help the teachers mark their place and they can also use the page markers as a ruler and a protractor.

Corner Pockets

You can use these as a method of preventing additional notes from falling out of the planner or being lost.

Coloured Paper

Using coloured paper for your customised pages can help to distinguish between sections.

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