Personalised Exercise Books

Your students can take ownership of their work, with our personalised exercise books.  

Our books are personalised cover to cover which allows primary schools to raise attainment and split their books into different levels such as Early, First and Second for Literacy & Numeracy. 

Secondary schools have customised their books making them subject specific and included content throughout as well as having self-assessment & learning outcomes printed on each page.  

Students take pride in their work if they can see their progress from start to finish. We think it’s important for students to have all their work in one place.



Scottish Primary Guide


English Primary Guide


Secondary Guide


Complete Personalisation

Up to 200 pages

Page numbers


Content/course notes

Personalised colour covers and pages organised by subject or level

Full colour pages

Tinted paper pages

Up to six stitches in spine 

Spine printing; ideal for subject and level

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Be inspired.

Be motivated.

See results.

“Since we started writing science workbooks for our lessons, our school’s science results have become the best in the country and you guys have played a vital part in that”

– John Mellitt, Associate Assistant Principal, Torquay Academy


“Since we started using our very own personalised exercise books, we have seen a significant improvement in our students’ work”

– Secondary School Principal

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The Benefits of our Exercise Books

Encourages Student Responsibility

Use marking codes, self-assessments, peer reviews and personalised learning outcomes to motivate students and encourage parents to engage in their child’s progress.

Promotes School Values

Our experienced designers can incorporate your school branding into each page and cover, to proudly display your school’s ethos and identity.

Raises Attainment

Our exercise books encourage accountability, a sense of ownership and a quality presentation of work. Include tailored marking schemes to allow your students to look back on their progression and learning achievements.


We have a wide variety of pages available. Below is just a small selection of what we have to offer. Please see our exercise book guides for more detailed pages. You can also look at our Repository for a wider range across a variety of subjects.

If you would like to receive a sample book, please fill out the enquiry form above.

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