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Personalised Exercise Books

Schools who work with us in producing personalised exercise books have seen significant improvements in their students’ day to day work, leading to raised levels of performance and achievement. Working with hdc to personalise your exercise books is an easy, straight-forward process. Start the conversation now!


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Secondary Guide

Secondary Exercise Book Guide.


Primary Guide

Primary Exercise Book Guide.


“Since we started using our very own personalised exercise books, we have seen a significant improvement in our students’ work”

– Secondary School Principal

Personalisation & Pages

You will benefit from complete freedom in terms of your personalisation across all subjects. You have a blank canvas! We are here to help in every step of the way in terms of design, ideas and inspiration.

You have the flexibility to create your exercise books by year group, Key Stage or BGE and Senior Phase in Scotland.

Take advantage of our ability to produce up to 200 pages within your exercise books allowing for one exercise book per student per subject per year. All your students’ work in one place and really handy when it comes to revising!


What Can I Include?

Schools using our exercise books have benefited from including pages that will help their students fulfil their full potential within each subject;

 Course Descriptors.
 Course Notes.
 Subject Specific Pages.
 Marking Codes.
 Career Options in Studying Particular Subjects.
 Study and Revision Tips

Layout & Finishing

You have a choice of a range of lined, squared, graph or music presentations that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

For Primary schools, there are a range of layouts that reflect appropriate content across Literacy and Numeracy.

Feedback boxes can be added or consider space for student evaluation. We have a bank of layouts that you can refer to that we can tailor exactly to reflect your school’s requirements.

You will benefit from a tough, squared spine production with up to six wire stitches. Our exercise books are tough, durable and will stand the rigours of any schoolbag!

Front Covers

You can extend your ‘corporate identity’ to your exercise books, use students’ artwork or use our range of designs. We will work with you to ensure your covers look fantastic!

Our front covers can, of course, reflect subject and extend to Year Groups, Key Stages or, in Scotland, BGE and Senior Phase.

Why not include your school’s vision, values and aims within your exercise books?

Whatever you decide to do, our team of trained graphic designers will bring your ideas to life!

Next Steps

Complete the enquiry form down below and one of our team will get in touch at a time that suits you. We will advise on content, pricing and how we can create exercise books that will make a real difference to your students’ work and performance.

Alternatively, call us on 0141 812 0199 or use our Live Chat facility.

Exercise Books Mockup Image


We have a wide variety of pages available. Below is just a small selection of what we have to offer. Please see our exercise book guide for more detailed pages.

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