Celebrate Your Achievements with Our Exclusive School Leavers Products

Yearbooks, Custom Apparel, Prom Tickets - Perfect for every school leaver!

Celebrate the accomplishments and fond memories of your primary school students with our exclusive range of leavers' products.

Choose from our selection of leavers' hoodies, which can be customised with your school crest and students' names displayed on the back.

Additionally, our yearbooks are created using our user-friendly online yearbook software, featuring designs tailored for primary students.

Mark this significant milestone in your students' lives by creating personalised keepsakes that they will treasure for years to come, making their primary school years truly memorable.

Our Primary School Leavers Products

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Supporting the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and the UK National Curriculum

Celebration and Reflection

Yearbooks commemorate students’ achievements and milestones, fostering a sense of accomplishment and community. This aligns with the CfE’s goal of promoting responsible citizenship and the National Curriculum’s focus on holistic education.

Memorable Transitions

Leavers' products provide tangible keepsakes that help students reflect on their journey and prepare for the next stage of education. This supports the CfE’s aim for smooth transitions and the National Curriculum’s emphasis on preparing students for future educational stages.

Recognition and Reward

Customised leavers' hoodies, t-shirts, and other products recognise students' hard work and dedication, promoting self-confidence and a positive sense of identity, key goals of both curricula.

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