Our Online Proofing Software

Proof HQ

Make changes quickly and efficiently


Our online proofing software, Proof HQ,  is a state of the art platform that gives you the tools to detail any updates and changes to your product by using intuitive, collaborative commenting and markup tools.

It gives you powerful version comparison tools to ensure that changes have been made correctly and no errors have been introduced. On average, the number of proofs you receive is reduced by nearly one third, dramatically speeding up project completion and production sign off.

Proofs can be reviewed anytime, anywhere on PCs, Macs, smart phones or tablets. It is the ideal solution for our busy customers.

Why use Proof HQ?

Online proofing made easy

Do more in less time. From the first proof through to signing off, your whole process will improve in quality, speed, and efficiency.

Collaborate in Real Time

Put an end to endless review cycles by collaborating digitally on your work instead of holding meetings. Compare versions to make sure anything doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Review 150+ File Types

From PDFs and Word documents to video and HTML5 interactive content, you can markup, comment and approve almost any file type. Make sure your content will look great by proofing it in any resolution.

How can Proof HQ help you?

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