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hdc has been producing school yearbooks for 19 years now and we feel that our yearbook products and service are the best available within the yearbook marketplace. Students can either design their yearbook through our yearbook creation software, Flashback, or they can use our team of qualified graphic designers. Either process provides visually stunning results capturing the lasting memories of school for senior students.

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Features of our Yearbooks

InHouse & Flashback

InHouse Yearbooks

Commission hdc to design your yearbook for you. Our team of trained graphic designers are here to bring your ideas to life. A meeting with one of our designers can be arranged here at our main office in Scotland or at your school. Our designer will listen to your ideas, note them down and then bring your ideas to life.

Our creative graphic designers produce visually stunning results capturing the lasting memories of school for all students.

Starting out

Firstly decide on who will be involved with the yearbook and who is in charge of each role. For example, allocate a member of the team to handing out and gathering students profiles. Once you are happy with who is doing what, it’s time for the next step, coming up with ideas.


Now its time to start coming up with ideas. Get all your ideas down on paper, the more the merrier. You can book a meeting with one of our designers who will help you decide on a theme or show you examples of previous themes we have done. Once you’ve decided on a theme it’s time to send in your stuff.


Now decide what content is going on what page and fill the design brief  in as detailed as you can. Using our Design Guide and supplied USB, fill the folders up with content. Send us your usb and let us do the rest. For full instructions, please see our Design Guide which was in your Yearbook Pack.

Flashback Yearbooks

Flashback – our yearbook creation software. You will find our innovative yearbook creation software really easy and fun to use and you don’t need any real design training or knowledge to use it! We have created a fantastic range of predefined templates for you to choose from or, for the more adventurous of you, you can use Flashback to design your yearbook from scratch!

Below you will find a series of how to guides explaining how to use Flashback to create that perfect yearbook to cherish all those great memories and people.

New Project

Creating a new project & skip the wizard


Choosing a theme & starting the design


Importing photos to your project

Adding Items

Add backgrounds, frames & other items

Part 1 – Edit Features

Editing photos via the edit panel

Part 2 – Edit Features

Enhancing and editing text


Rearranging, adding and deleting pages

Preview and Proofing Process

Previewing & start the proof process

Creating a Proof

Creating a proof

Completing your Project

Completing your Flashback project and order offline